Misconceptions of the scary word FAILURE

I want to tell to ya’ll about something that will literally shift your thinking. First things first, if your slouching right now, I want you to sit up straight and pay attention. I spent 17 years getting my formal education and not once was taught this new way of thinking about failure, and I want to teach you something that completely blew my mind when I first heard it.

Whether you are college educated or not, or dropped out of high school, this still applies to you. In fact, if you did drop out, it will probably even make more sense. The reason why it may be difficult for someone that went to college or whatever, is just the fact of being institutionalized, that failure means either wasted time, or nothing gained.

In the ‘real world,’ this couldn’t be further from the truth. Failure as just feedback on your actions. In school, where the goal is to pass or fail (essentially), most things in life do not fit the schools definition on failure.

Just because something did or didn’t happen doesn’t mean failure. In fact, it can be the first step in a successful direction. I like to use exercising as an example. As pretty much everyone reading this has done a push-up before, or at least taken gym class. Either way, you can just get on the floor and start pumping them out, no problem right?

What happens if you have an elite athlete coaching you? Do you think he has something to say about how your doing them? Their are about 1000 little adjustments he can tell you to produce a better result doing the exact same movement, but just with a few tweaks. Maybe you need to adjust your elbows in. Maybe you need to keep your back level. Maybe your wrist needs to be twisted a 1/2 inch the other way. I think you get the point. There are 1000 different micro adjustments you can make to perfect the push up.

You know how many wrong notes I played while learning a piece on the piano? I couldn’t even tell you – countless. But after hours of tweaking, adjusting, listening, and repeating, it all came together in the end with not mistakes.. and even if I play a 5 minute piece with 5000 notes, and I miss 1 note? Who really cares?

How many times during a hockey game did I completely miss the net? Tons. It didn’t stop me from being the number one scorer out of the whole league though. In fact, taking as many opportunities as I had to take a shot on the goal, only increased my changes of scoring.

It is true that practice makes perfect, but in actuality, it is perfect practice, makes perfect. So my point is, stop looking at failure as something you did wrong. Look at it as a step toward becoming great.

It is okay to make mistakes and failures. The successful part is being able to get back up and try again. You are only a failure if you blatantly give-up, and STOP progressing.

I want you to create a new meaning for the so-called failures you have. Don’t let others make you think less of yourself. So much negativity is in the world, and I am just DONE with it. I guess you can say I failed at being a failure =). It just ain’t gonna happen when you got ambition like this – and you can create your own inner source of ambition, and I’ll share some exercises to do just that – because they aren’t really talked about.

Scott Warner

P.S. Leave a comment below and share with me what your thoughts of failure are, and how you have drawn something positive out of those experiences.

Lunar Eclipse 2014 Blood Moon Progression Images

Lunar Eclipse 2014

Here was part of the progression I was able to capture during this year’s lunar eclipse. I’ve always loved natural phenomenons, and this was the first time I captured a lunar eclipse. I am by far a professional, but I was able to get these shots right from my back yard, with only a camera and a tripod. I took about 500 photos, but here I wanted to show my illustration of the blood moon appearing. Enjoy!


Click Here To Download High Quality Images Of The Lunar Eclipse 2014 (PDF)

lunar eclipse 2014


If you are into this kind of stuff, reply with a link to your original photos, or just your favorite works. I love space and nature, and always love to see what other people enjoy looking at, cuz chances are I do too. =). Have an awesome weekend!

Scott Warner

Want To Integrate SendReach With Wistia?

Have you wanted to integrate SendReach with Wistia? Me too. In fact, I’ve contacted Wistia myself and asked if they had plans to implement the two.

Here’s the letter I sent them:

Subject: Mailer Integration Request

I would like to know if there are any

plans to include SendReach (sendreach.com)
integration into Wistia videos?
I don’t think it will be too hard, as here is
the info they give us in the back office
when we create an ‘app’
User ID: 4XXX
App Key: 12886XXXXX
App Secret: 741481393284199XXXXX
Scott Warner 

Here is their reply:

Hi Scott,

Thanks for getting in touch with this feedback! At this time, there are no definite plans to include SendReach as one of the integrated mail providers. If demand is there, though, we’ll definitely consider adding it to the list in the future!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!
Take care.

Olivier Creurer
Wistia Customer Happiness 

There you have it. If the demand is there, they’ll do it – but there are no definite plans. So if you want to use SendReach with Wistia, I encourage you to email them yourself, so we don’t get unnoticed.

I would also request you to leave a comment below, stating that you would love to see SendReach implemented with Wisita, I would love to follow-up with more requests on your behalf to Wisita.

After all, having the ability to integrate an opt-in form into video, is a great way to build your email list, as well as other marketing purposes. It would be a shame if we had to stick to using an old email marketing service that just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Scott Warner
“Always Strive”

Nothing In Life Is Free

Nothing in life is free, so get over it!

The reality of the world is that nothing in life is free. Isn’t it true, that you tend to value things less if they are free, as opposed to if you paid for it? I want to talk to the people that feel that are entitled to information, products, and services for free. This post will also resonate with those that know success takes hard work, and by no means is it free. In my high school economics class, the 1 key point that was constantly reminded, can be summed up in one little saying: There is no free lunch.

If you need help, that is okay, but don’t expect it to be free. Just because someone can help you easily, doesn’t mean it isn’t costing them their resources of time, money, and creativity. All 3 in which are extremely valuable. Although I was taught this in high school, it would take me several years to truly understand the concept that nothing in life is free.

I even tried to help a cocaine / alcoholic get back on his feet – for free, because he had – and still has for sure, the potential to become someone of value in this world. The truth of the matter is, it wasn’t really free. It was costing me lots of time, money, and creativity – to which all in the end was just an utter waste, but more on why that was later.

When you give someone free help, they tend to value it has nothing. Because people that beg, manipulate, or just cry until they get their way, are doomed to be dependent on others forever, do NOT value their own time and creativity. They will not be successful until they can internally break this cycle. Sure, it is possible to assist people to develop and discover their inner revelations, but the biggest difference that will take them through the first steps towards in their recovery, whether it is being broke, or a substance abuse problem, they need their own inner desire to be stronger to change, that to just stay the same.

As Albert Einstein’s famous quote goes something like this: Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result, is considered insanity.

Maybe you were abused as a child. Maybe you didn’t have a father. Maybe you were even spoiled at one point, and never got around the right kind of thinkers, that are truly creating success in their lives by their own creativity. There is no shortage of money, things, or anything else you could possibly want. The shortage that most lack, is the persistence, dedication, and discipline, to take 100% responsibility for their actions and their success.

I am a HUGE believer, that in order to GET and KEEP any amount of success, which comes in an unlimited amount of ways, is that you must treat it as your duty, obligation, and responsibility. Any effort short of this, and you’ll continue to (ironically) keep falling short of achieving and great level of success.

When you take a look at the GIANTS, the GREAT people on this planet, and you really dig into what they have done to get where they are, you’ll see that each of these people had to be extremely passionate about what they are currently doing.

Commit to be great,

Scott Warner

Success is Created, not Acquired.

Success is Created, not Acquired.

After 17 years of formal education, I did not have one class on success. The dictionary defines success as “The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted”. There are no limits, there is no shortage of success, it’s not a commodity. People that believe there are shortages of success, are very confused. Even if they have had, or do have, some level of success. It doesn’t mean the know the core of what it’s made out of.

Think of success like an element, say fire. In order for you to have more fire, you must continually add more wood, otherwise the fire will dwindle and die. Success is something that you must feed into on a daily basis. And that is whatever you determine for yourself what is success! This is what there is a shortage of. A shortage of people staying focused on their dreams and desires – and going for them!

Some people have even a hate for success, believe it or not. These people will even try to convince others to NOT go after what YOU want, because they are not happy with their life, or never seemed to grasps the true meaning of success these days. Some people will even go to the extent to heavily criticize you. But if you relentlessly persist, those some people will eventually admire you, or finally move on to some other sort of negativity else where – when they see you refuse to change.

The most noblest pursuit in life, is that of freedom. That starts with believing that success is created, not acquired. Everyday people are becoming more successful. I encourage you to be one of those people. It is not up to me to define what success means for you, but just know that there is an abundant amount of it to go around.

Scott Warner